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With a borderless approach to investing, BreakFree Wealth purchases properties on behalf of investors in every Australian state. We physically inspect each property we recommend, provide customised reports and negotiate and support clients all the way through to settlement. We have two options for clients to choose from.

Option 1

The DIY Model

This cost-effective option is suitable for clients that wish to gain access to the valuable research BreakFree Wealth subscribes to, but instead wish to implement the strategy themselves. BreakFree Wealth will work with these clients one-on-one to educate, establish goals, produce a property investment strategy complete with a full cash flow analysis and recommend local contacts (depending on which state they decide to purchase in). The client will then take on the responsibility of sourcing, negotiating and settling the property independently.

Option 2

The Full-Service Model

Our premium option is there for clients who wish to take full advantage of George’s 20 years of experience as a property investor. This end-to-end service will commence by educating clients and conclude upon successfully settling a property. Clients that elect this option receive all the value from Option 1, in addition to having George on your team in sourcing, negotiating and ultimately settling a property. Perfect for investors that value the power of outsourcing, employing specialists to do what they do best.


BreakFree Wealth is a boutique full-service buyers agency that is exclusively investor focused. We assist clients in building residential property portfolios with the objective of generating sufficient passive income in order to become financially independent. 

The Director, George Auzagelis, works directly with clients on a one-on-one basis, mentoring individuals, couples and families, providing tailored property investment strategies. Purpose and legacy are at the forefront of George’s approach and having spent almost two decades as an educator, he places significant emphasis on nurturing clients, using research and data to inform their decision-making. A successful and financially independent professional himself, George takes much pride, joy and admiration in witnessing the transition of his clients from positions of financial vulnerability to financial strength. 

Welcome to the BreakFree Wealth family, today is the first day of the rest of your life…live it to the fullest!


  • Working with George at BreakFree Wealth has been a real game changer. In life you often don’t know what you don’t know, and through Breakfree’s education, I was able to recalibrate my mindset. I am now proud to say with George’s guidance I have built a portfolio of investment properties and am well on my way to reaching my goal of financial independence!

    - Mark Silva

  • As an individual with an analytical mind, I was most impressed with the research and data that George presented to me in our strategy session. The cash flow analysis and target area research gave me confidence that my purchases were backed by data, rather than tips or hunches. It was obvious to me that George didn’t come from a sales background, his passion for education coupled with his understanding of economic market cycles added much to my experience.

    - Roula Harb

  • With an already established property portfolio, I sought out BreakFree Wealth to help me expand my portfolio interstate. From commencement, George made it clear to me that he would offer me personal service and he lived up to that promise. He physically inspected each property he recommended to me and provided a detailed report to assist me in making my decision. The formula he uses to source properties is proven and he only recommended properties that he himself would purchase. That was extremely comforting as I didn’t have to sift through dozens of properties to select those that were right for me and my strategy. Awesome work George, I’m grateful to have crossed paths with you.

    - Maria Gallo

  • I highly recommend the services of BreakFree Wealth. I initially had no idea what a buyers agent was, but I thought I’d attend a discovery session as I knew I had to start making better financial decisions for myself and my family. George was patient and alleviated much of my anxiety around building a property portfolio. I’m yet to reach my goal of acquiring three properties, but I’m almost there. Thank-you so much George, it’s so refreshing dealing with someone that genuinely cares about client outcomes.

    - Frances Bucci


Why use a Buyers Agent?
An understanding as to the value of a skilled buyers agent is still not well known in Australia, compared to the United Sates where buyers agents are prevalent. Property buyers in general are at disadvantage when purchasing a property as they are dealing with sales agents that are skilled negotiators and use advanced sales techniques to inevitably convince a buyer to pay above what a property may be worth. 

A skilled buyers agent should be highly experienced in property acquisition, eliminate emotion, and negotiate expertly on a client’s behalf. Furthermore, sales agents respond differently when negotiating with a buyers agent as opposed to an inexperienced buyer. Engaging in the services of a buyers agent levels the playing field and brings comfort to the client knowing their interests are being represented. 

There are over 15 000 suburbs in Australia, do you know which ones are the right fit for your individual circumstances?
Why choose BreakFree Wealth?
It’s probably wise to learn from those that have achieved success in the field they are educating in. George is a proven property investor that has achieved financial independence through his own personal property investments. A qualified Economist, Accountant and Teacher, George’s approach to property investment is backed by research and data. 

We offer a borderless nation-wide property buying services which enables us to take advantage of markets that are at the right time of their growth cycle. We are truly independent; we don’t have stock to sell you and we don’t receive commissions or kick-backs from anyone. When we say we’re solely client focused, we mean it! 

BreakFree Wealth is a passion project for George, hence why the business carefully selects which clients to work with. Keeping clients to a limited number allows George to offer a complete be-spoke service to each client.
I don’t live in Melbourne, can you still help me?
We definitely can! Using Zoom or Skype, we can connect with clients globally. Depending on your citizenship status, there may be foreign purchaser requirements you need to meet to purchase a property in Australia. You will need to do your own research regarding this as each circumstance is unique.
How much do your services cost?
We don’t like using the term ‘cost’, we’d rather use the term ‘value’. Remember cost is what you pay for, and value is what you get. All our fees and options are fully disclosed during the discovery session. There is no cost to attend, or any obligation to proceed with our services at the end of the session, so you really have nothing to lose other than your time.
Do you buy commercial property?
Unfortunately, no. BreakFree Wealth is solely focused on the acquisition of residential property for our clients.
Can you help me buy my dream home?
BreakFree Wealth is an investor only focused buyers agency, hence our services are tailored for investors and not owner occupiers. We can assist in recommending a buyers agent that can assist you with your owner occupier purchase if you wish. Just ask.
I'm so confused as this so overwhelming , where do I even start?
Don’t worry too much, we all had to start somewhere. We strongly recommend our free and no obligation discovery session as a really good starting point. It all starts with education, so take the time to benefit from George’s experience as a property investor and professional educator by booking in for one of the sessions that suit your schedule. We can’t wait to meet you!

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