Suburb Spotlight - Ellenbrook WA 6069

Suburb Overview

The suburb of Ellenbrook is located within the City of Swan. It is located 30 kilometres northeast of Perth's Central Business District and in total occupies an area of 13.1 square kilometres.

Suburb Map

Map of Ellenbrook
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The information that follows has been taken from the Australian Bureau of Statitistics (ABS) data.
The numbers shwon in brackets relate to Australia's aggregate data and are therefore a useful comparison.

Suburb Demographics

The suburb of Ellenbrook has a population of 24 668. The distribution of males compared to females is 48.8% to 51.2% respectively.

The median age of people living in the suburb is 32. This compares with the Australian median age of 38. The largest median age group in Ellenbrook is between 5-9 years.

Culture & Language Diversity

63.1% of residents in the suburb of Ellenbrook were born in Australia. This compares with 66.9% of residents Australia-wide. Excluding Australia, the top 3 countries of birth of residents in Ellenbrook are:

  1. England 6.1% (3.6%)
  2. New Zealand 4.7% (2.1%)
  3. India 3.6% (2.6%)

75.2% of households only speak English at home in Ellenbrook, compared with 72.0% Australia-wide. The top 3 languages other than English spoken at home in Ellenbrook are:

  1. Punjabi 2.4% (0.9%)
  2. Arabic 1.3% (1.4%)
  3. Afrikaans 1.0% (0.2%)

44.0% of residents in Ellenbrook have no religious affiliations. This compares with 38.4% of Australians. Excluding no religion, the top 3 religious affiliations of residents of Ellenbrook are:

  1. Catholic 16.3% (20.0%)
  2. Anglican 9.6% (9.8%)
  3. Christian, nfd 4.2% (2.7%)


The median household income in Ellenbrook is $1 846 compared to the Australian median of $1 746.


Family couples with children 51.4% are the dominant family structure in Ellenbrook, compared with 43.7% Australia-wide. Furthermore, this was followed by family couples without children 27.3% (38.8%) and single-parent families 20.0% (15.9%).


89.3% (72.3%) of dwellings in the suburb of Ellenbrook are separate houses. Semi-detached, terrace houses, townhouses, flats and apartments make up 10.6% (26.8%) of other dwellings.

The dominant number of bedrooms per dwelling in Ellenbrook is 4 or more, with 56.3% (34.8%). This is followed by 3 bedroom dwellings 32.1% (39.0%).

73.3% (66.0%) of dwellings are either owned outright or with a mortgage in the suburb of Ellenbrook, whilst 24.6% (30.6%) are rented.

41.7% (36.3%) of households have 2 registered motor vehicles. Additionally, 33.6% (36.2%) of households have 1 registered motor vehicle.

Suburb Market Performance

The recent market performance for the most dominant dwelling type, for instance, a 4-bedroom house in the suburb of Ellenbrook can be seen below.

Suburb Market Performance

Gross Rental Yield

The Gross Rental Yield for all houses in Ellenbrook is currently 5.6% and for all units is 5.7%.

Gross Rental Yield

Residential Vacancy Rates

The Residential Vacancy Rate for all properties in the suburb of Ellenbrook is 0.6%.

Residential Vacancy Rates

Stock on Market

Total property listings and time on the market for Ellenbrook can be seen in the chart below.

Stock on Market

To review the data above in detail, feel free to explore the ABS, Domain and SQM Research websites.

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